Thursday, June 26, 2008

On the road again...

Everyone says that this weight loss process is a journey complete with detours. And how SO true! However, I have finally left the detour and I'm back on the road again.

Last week, after my horrid 4.5 pound gain, I somehow obtained this awesome new motivation to work the program. And after changing my food options, paying closer attention to what I was eating, and being accountable for my choices, in two short weeks I have lost that nasty 4 pounds that I gained.

NOW, being back on the straight road, I am continuing my consciousness to the program. I purchased Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, and excitedly began it today! Beware, it totally KICKS your ASS! But welcomely. I plan to follow her program for 30 days and see what happens. I will post my before picture shortly. I figure to post my picture wearing the bikini (yes I said bikini) that I bought to wear to the shore. This way you can see every flaw I have. And then at the end of the 30 days (which is July 26) I will post my after picture wearing the same bikini. According to the DVD you could lose up to 20 pounds in the 30 days. You do the program 6 days a week, it's 27 minutes of uninterrupted kick ass exercise. There are no breaks, not even enough time to take a sip of water. And even though I exercise regularly it totally knocked on my butt, my muscles were shaking for AT LEAST 30 minutes after ward.

So fingers crossed that it works as well as I think it will or I'm posting myself in a bikini for nothing! LOL!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Yep I was right!!!

As I guessed I was up 4.5 pounds last week. So as I mentioned I added another WW meeting on Saturday. After my Wednesday meeting I was ready to lose that horrid 4.5 pounds THIS WEEK! Surprisingly even by Friday afternoon I was still really excited about working the plan this week.

Thursday after work I did 45 minutes of pilates (was totally NOT in the mood to do step). Then Friday did my grocery shopping for the week, AFTER spending a few hours on the internet finding new healthful recipes. Saturday I got up and out of the house by 7:45, went for a 75 minute walk, complete with hills. After that went to a WW meeting, and left there and went to the gym for an hour (30 minutes on the treadmill at a faster speed and higher incline than normal; and 30 minutes of weight training). I continued to eat pretty well on Saturday, but we went out with some friends and I had 2 light beers and 2 shots of tequila rose (by my calculations that is 6 points). Sunday was a little more difficult. Had to spend Father's day with my family and my husbands family, so had to eat at both houses. Unfortunately, I went over by 15 points (but still within my 35 flex points).

Back on good schedule today though! And I will exercise when I get home, even though every muscle in my body is calling me all kinds of names!

I think I may have done REALLY well this week. We'll find out on Wednesday night. Cross your fingers for me!!!!

Moral: When in doubt about your progress, add another meeting. We are like alcoholics, when we are tempted we need to go to a meeting and get our perspective back!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Long time...Need Help!!

It's been an EXTREMELY long time since I blogged! But I need some major help>>>>

I don't know what my problem is. I am completely and utterly unmotivated lately. My leader keeps saying that I'm not because I've made it this far (97 pounds). But this week I gained 3 pounds I think (I get weighed tonight). And that's the wrong way!!!!

I need to lose 10 more pounds before the fall. I just bought a bunch of new jeans that are just a tad too small, but the next size up is too big. So I don't think that should be too hard, but how do I turn my ass around and get back on the horse?

I had talked to my WW buddy last week and I think maybe adding another WW meeting to my week might help, but I'm not sure. So I think this week I am going to try adding an extra meeting in (like Saturday morning). Most of the time after I leave my meeting I'm all geared up to do the right thing, and I do until the weekend. So I'm thinking that adding Saturday morning will stop me from overdoing my weekends!

But this has got to stop! It's like during the week, I'm really careful and plan my points, etc. And even on Fridays, when we eat out, I still plan my points and eat accordingly. It's saturday and sunday that go completely to hell. It's like I think to myself, oh it isn't going to hurt me to have this half of a cheesesteak (for lunch) and the same day, say it's ok to have this cheeseburger (for dinner), and then keep going until Monday morning. Well then I completely screwed my whole week, ya know.



Thanks for listening to me rant!!!