Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Not so bad

All that worrying about my week off actually was for nothing. I strayed from WW for my week of vaca and low and behold, I LOST a quarter of a pound! Ok, Ok, so it's not major, but the point here is that I didn't gain the 4 pounds I thought I did. So, woo hoo for me!!!

NOW! As for this week...Why is it that you (me) do nothing but eat and eat and feel like I am starving when my friend visits? Sorry to get so personal, probably a little TMI, but I really would like to know. I am absolutely famished this whole week, and have been eating everything in sight. So now, AGAIN, I fear the scale.

You know I am doing FABULOUSLY at this maintaining thing, although my goal is to lose more, and I am totally sucking at it. Am I obsessing? Should I just let it go, and rejoice an be happy with what I have done? Honestly, all I really want is to lose 3 more pounds! 3 more! That's it! Because that'll put me at 100 pounds even. THEN, I can say ok, I'm done, and rest easier. Is that too much too ask?

I don't know. I'm babbling trying to waste time at work so I can get the heck out of here and go home and eat something. :)

I will check in later, maybe post something if I find anything interesting to talk about. Talk to you then...