Saturday, March 7, 2009

WHERE have you been.....really?

Hey there. So it's been like for-absolutely-ever! So sorry. Last semester really took a lot out of me. Having to study ALL the time (and I'm not even joking) for Anatomy and Physiology AND Organic Chemistry. Two very huge classes that take a lot of time. And ADD a LOT of stress! So much in fact, that I gained 12 pounds! I know, I know...I'm freaking too. But I have a plan...

1) I will track my food (for the first time in a while)
2) I will stay within my WW points, only barely using my flex.
3) I will not eat ANYTHING after 7:30pm!! (my problem time)
4) I will exercise on a regular basis again.

See I have a plan. AND I went and bought 2 new bikinis from Victoria's Secret, so I have to be able to wear them, and the only way that'll happen is to lose this weight.

I also am wearing out the only pair of jeans in my closet that fit me. Ya know washing them every other day is putting a beating on them. But they're the only ones I can wear (out of the 9 pairs I have, I swear...crazier is they are all the same size...go figure).

AND, my sister's wedding is on May 2, and I ordered my dress a couple of weeks ago, and I must be able to wear it. AND look friggin' awesome in her pictures.

So you see, I have it all figured out. Now the quest will be to actually DO it!

Oh, and can I tell you that the woman at the WW counter on Thursdays is the biggest BIT** I have ever met in my whole life. How can you be so miserable at a place that requires motivating happy people! I cannot wait to get back to my Wednesday night classes. Damn Organic Chemistry is on wednesday nights, so I had to move to thursday.

Ok, well time to go grocery shopping. Later ya'll.