Saturday, March 7, 2009

WHERE have you been.....really?

Hey there. So it's been like for-absolutely-ever! So sorry. Last semester really took a lot out of me. Having to study ALL the time (and I'm not even joking) for Anatomy and Physiology AND Organic Chemistry. Two very huge classes that take a lot of time. And ADD a LOT of stress! So much in fact, that I gained 12 pounds! I know, I know...I'm freaking too. But I have a plan...

1) I will track my food (for the first time in a while)
2) I will stay within my WW points, only barely using my flex.
3) I will not eat ANYTHING after 7:30pm!! (my problem time)
4) I will exercise on a regular basis again.

See I have a plan. AND I went and bought 2 new bikinis from Victoria's Secret, so I have to be able to wear them, and the only way that'll happen is to lose this weight.

I also am wearing out the only pair of jeans in my closet that fit me. Ya know washing them every other day is putting a beating on them. But they're the only ones I can wear (out of the 9 pairs I have, I swear...crazier is they are all the same size...go figure).

AND, my sister's wedding is on May 2, and I ordered my dress a couple of weeks ago, and I must be able to wear it. AND look friggin' awesome in her pictures.

So you see, I have it all figured out. Now the quest will be to actually DO it!

Oh, and can I tell you that the woman at the WW counter on Thursdays is the biggest BIT** I have ever met in my whole life. How can you be so miserable at a place that requires motivating happy people! I cannot wait to get back to my Wednesday night classes. Damn Organic Chemistry is on wednesday nights, so I had to move to thursday.

Ok, well time to go grocery shopping. Later ya'll.


Belle said...

I'm just exploring the blogging world of weight loss and came across your blog. I just wanted to say you look great...what a great example you are! It gives me motivation as I start my journey on WW. Thanks!

kj said...

HI! Just found your blog.....I was stalking and ran across it! Love it! You're amazing!

I started a new blog about my WW journey too. I've come back after almost getting to goal and then getting pregnant...dang babies! ha ha I'm done with all that and struggling to get back to goal weight!!

I'll keep stalking..... ; )